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We are a GSA (General Services Administration) contractor; Contract Number: GS ?07F?0004V.  We participate in the disaster recovery program by GSA.  Our schedule allows us to provide services in the areas of Emergency and Non-Emergency Food Service, Deployment Logistics Services, Logistic Ancillary Supplies, Logistics Operations Maintenance and Logistic Management Support Services.  We provide services for our government customers on schedule; if additional items are needed we provide them per the open market guidelines.  Our distinct area of GSA services is referred to within our company as Base Camp Logistical Solutions a.k.a Base Camp Logistics.  Our GSA consultants work hard to systematically support our military and government agencies. 


GSA Schedule 874 V; SINs 874-504 Deployment Logistics Services. 874-506 Ancillary Supplies Services, and 874-507 Operations & Maintenance Logistics Management Support Services, our contract number is GS-10F-236AA.  We are on GSA Advantage and GSA eLibrary.


We maintain all regulatory and insurance requirements. We are registered in the SAM (System for Award Management), have all the required credentials and government numbers to conduct business with the state, federal, and military entities. Our social economic indicators are SB (Small Business), WOB and WOSB (woman owned business and woman owned small business). We are certified by the WBENC (Woman Business Enterprise National Council) annually.  We are registered in the My Florida Market Place allowing for ease of contracting with state and local agencies.


We are a full service turnkey mobile company, furnishing life support procurement services, logistical support, base camp resources, and meal services all over the country.  We proudly serve the US military, federal state government agencies as well as corporate educational and private sector customers for emergency and non-emergency tactical exercises.  Base Camp Logistical Solutions coordinates resources all over the country in support of our military training ensuring timely delivery of rental equipment; support services include but are not limited to:  

  • Catered Meal Service
  • Hand Washing Stations
  • Fuel Tankers
  • Project Management
  • Bulk Water Stations
  • Fueling Resources
  • Moral Welfare Recreation
  • Tractor Trailer Storage
  • Water Tankers
  • Sleeping Tents
  • Cold Storage
  • Grey & Black Tankers
  • Tent Flooring
  • Generators
  • Diesel Fuel Support
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Tent Lighting
  • LP Gas Support
  • Shower Trailers
  • Armed Security
  • Military Support Tents
  • Shower Essentials
  • Unarmed Security
  • Information Technology
  • Laundry Trailers
  • Command Centers
  • Communications Support
  • Laundry Services
  • Portable HVAC
  • Bus Transportation
  • Bedding & Towels
  • Solid Waste Services
  • Ice Support
  • Sleeping Cots
  • Dining Tents
  • Decon Stations
  • Chemical Toilets
  • Support Tents
  • Tent Facilities Structures

Our staff is very knowledgeable of government training exercises and emergency disaster relief situations.  As a GSA contract holder, FEMA contractor and WBENC certified services provider, we strive to offer impeccable service.  Our food service staff prepares meals in accordance with the federal, state, and local regulatory health safety concerns.  We monitor and maintain all food service lines. Food temperatures for prepared and unprepared food provision are regulated with conventional cooling and warming equipment. Contact us to discuss GSA Catering services wither for emergency or non emergency food service needs.


As a prime contractor for federal government operational base camps we over see many areas of specialty. Our federal NACIS Codes (North American Industry Classification System) cover more than thirty five specific areas of service. The primary classification codes we provide services under are: 722310 Food Service Contractors, 722320 Caterers, 722330 Mobile Food Service, 541614 Process Physical Distribution and Logistical Consulting Services, 561210 Facility Support, 624221 Temporary Shelters, and 624230 Emergency Relief Services.  We also have SIC codes (Standard Industry Code) the primary ones we service are; 5812 caters, 5963 mobile contractors, 7359 equipment rentals, 8322 temporary shelter and emergency disaster services.  We provide contracting services via the GSA contracting program, Blanket Purchase Programs, Joint Ventures, Teaming, Sole Sourcing, and Direct Buys a.k.a PT Cards. We are known for our ease of contracting and cost saving strategies. We work with contractors to develop the most optimal logistical plan tailored around the need of the exercise. Throughout the contract we continue to adapt to meet the ever changing demands discovered in the field which may not have been known prior to contracting.  With a founding partner being a military veteran the desire to offer the most reliable services possible is at heart of our Base Camp Logistics team. 


Base Camp Logistical Solutions has the capability of providing services which are; robust, scalable, flexible, timely, strategic, cost sensitive, performance based, integrate able, visually appealing and graciously portioned. Our meal services are like no other simply put we are the best. Our meals are generously portioned, visually appealing and they taste great. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we can perform, deliver and execute for extended periods of time.  Our field kitchen equipment is completely mobile and self supporting.  We provide a work environment which promotes the health and wellness of our employees.  Our safety and quality assurance leader works with our employees to ensure they are following the required safety guides associated with the work being performed.  Food services support can include 24 hour dining facilities, canteen services, structured meal periods, field feeding, and provisions for warming and cooling beverages.  A very important element of any great exercise is the food service no other caterer in our industry takes as much pride and concern to ensure the highest level and quality of services is given when preparing meals than we do.


Our deployment logistics services include; acquisition procurement, combined contingency planning for the SOW (statement of work), identifying and providing regional resources, integrating public and private sector resources, inventory utilization, movement of logistics, storage of freight, project integration and implementation, pre-positioning of assets, processing and accountability, rapid deployment, management of supplies and equipment, ancillary supplies, total solutions,  maintenance of assets, management of support services, strategic and tactical planning services, mobile utility support equipment operations, full scale DFAC’s (Dining Facilities), BOS (Base Operations Support), logistical life support, FOB (Forward Operating Base) support, construction, management, and planning.   Our Base Camp Logistics team ensures milestones are meet and exceeded.

Visit our DISASTER RELIEF AND RECOVERY PAGE to discover the emergency disaster relief element of our logistical services.

For further information on GSA services and contracting, contact Teresa Sass 352.473.4728 office or 904.454.0019 cell.  Teresa can also be reached via email at

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