Signature Desserts


Much too often event planners will overlook the importance of providing dessert. Truth is, the right dessert can be the perfect compliment to any meal. In fact, some events can be an overwhelming success by simply serving our signature desserts with a hot or cold beverage. Contact us today to cater your next business meeting, social or private party.

Signature Desserts
Homemade Whipped Southern Banana Pudding
Homemade Strawberry Short Cake

Large Cookies
Small Cookies
Traditional Brownies
Gourmet Brownies & Blondies

Individual Desserts
Individual Carrot Cake
Hot Fudge Lava Cake
Key Lime Pie
Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Banana Rumba
Coconut Cream Cake
Ultimate Chocolate
Florida Orange Sunshine Cheesecake
Key Lime Raspberry Cheesecake

Gourmet Cakes - Assorted
Southern Red Velvet
Chocolate Mudslide
Sweet Georgia Coconut Bomb
Banana Rumba
Mega Bite Milky Way
Chocolate Indulgence
Molly's Lemon Layer
Country Carrot
Gourmet Tiramisu
Divine Coconut
Florida Orange Sunshine

Gourmet Tall Cakes
Coconut Cream Layer Cake
Towering Milky Way
Ultimate High Chocolate
Florida Grande Orange Sunshine
Almond Joy High
One Huge Carrot Cake
Country High Red Velvet

Gourmet Cheese Cakes
Chocolate Volcano Blast
Sky High New York
Dulce De Leche
White Chocolate Key Lime Raspberry
Florida Orange Sunshine

Assorted Sheet Cakes

Assorted Pies
Southern Pecan
Mile High Apple Crumble
Mile High Very Berry Crumble
Southern Sweet Potato
Florida Key Lime
Southern Pumpkin
Apple or Cherry
Banana Cream
Coconut Cream
Chocolate Cream

Apple Cobbler
Peach Cobbler

Fondue Display with Endless Sides

Assorted Ice Creams
Ice Cream Sundae Station
Ice Cream Bars
Banana Splits
Individual Gourmet Ice Cream Slices
Assorted Ice Cream Bars

Shaved Ice

Jell-O & Pudding

Fruit Cocktail

Assorted Fruits

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