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Country Caterers BBQ began as a free enterprise venture by Tom and Cathy Perryman during the late 1970s. They focused on preparing all meals on site to ensure quality and freshness. Eventually Tom’s favorite motto ("large or small . . . we cook them all") would define the company's vision. As Tom and Cathy worked diligently to develop the company with integrity, ethics, value and service, customers were delighted with the fact that the same attention was given to small events as it was to large ones.

So, Tom and Cathy became a one-stop vendor and began catering every aspect of their clients’ needs.

The company started to offer more than just great BBQ and it quickly grew from a small private caterer into a full-service "turnkey" catering company. With this growth, the menu expanded from traditional backyard entrees to hors d'oeuvres and formal cuisine. During the '80s, Country Caterers began providing rental equipment such as tents, tables, chairs, generators, moon walks, slides, and amusement rides. Today, the company has more than fifty different types of family entertainment themes.

In the early '90s, Tom and Cathy performed their first large government exercise, feeding troops as they were being deployed into war. It was at this point they expanded their business to include base camp, life support and disaster response. Having the ability to be completely mobile provided the aptitude to partake in many different types of events to include corporate, organizational, backyard, formal, banquets, weddings, government as well as emergency response gave Country Caterers an edge on their competitors.  To meet these demands for diversity Tom and Cathy began building an extensive network of resources and suppliers.  Thomas Jr. and Teresa continue to work in the family business continuing the commitment to provide the best possible service to customer’s day in and day out.  Country Caterers is proud that many employees have remained with the company for decades.

Along the way Tom and Cathy started providing emergency meal service for disaster response. This new market entailed many power companies, state and local governments.  Instead of a few hundred or a few thousand meals at a time Tom and Cathy were now supporting thousands of meals at a time over extended time periods.  In addition to meal services came equipment rentals and just about anything else their clients needed. By the time storms of 2004 hit Tom and Cathy’s crews were veterans and established leaders in DISASTER EMERGENCY RESPONSE.  During the hurricane season,  Tom and Cathy traveled all over Florida for three months moving from one hurricane to another.

Country Caterer’s core business is corporate catering in the Jacksonville area. The foundation set by Tom and Cathy during the 80’s have given them enormous name recognition and sustainability among their customers.   With the knowledge of food service, event management, and turnkey production;  Country Caterers began focusing in the government contracting area via the open market system and the GSA contracting avenue.  Country Caterers became a GSA (General Service Administration) contractor in the later part of 2008.  Since then Tom, Cathy and crew have traveled all over the US providing meals, life support and base camp resources. 

Country Caterers has now grown into three distinct areas of business; corporate, formal, and government.  Tom and Cathy refer to them as Country Caterers, Black Tie Catering and Events a.k.a Black Tie Catering), and Base Camp Logistical Solutions a.k.a. Base Camp Logistics. Tom and Cathy foresee these areas defining who they have become as a company and foresee this as the focus of the company as it moves forward. 

Tom and Cathy feel "Our customers are the reason we have continued to grow and prosper and Country Caterers will forever evolve into the company its customer’s desire, to our customers who have supported us, we thank you."

- Tom and Cathy Perryman


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